Hi, thanks for the opportunity to leave some feedback, regarding James.

James arrived well before time and quickly and discreetly set himself up while the awards presentation was in full swing.

Right on cue he began playing and a lot of the guests were amazed that a live act had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

His musical ability is incredible and the songs he chose to play for us were just perfect for our age group.

Everyone at the event has raved about James and all really enjoyed his showmanship as well as his choice of music.

My only regret is, his grand finale was “ In the air tonight “ by Phil Collins, complete with a three minute Didgeridoo solo to top it off and I somehow missed it, I’ve seen the photos of the entire crowd dancing, but no me.

Oh well I’ll just have to book him again.


Kelvin Murphy
West Coast Pistol & Revolver Club – 2015